Magnetic Wire Coils: Music to your Ears

With the growing popularity of premium quality headphones, the market is flooded with styles and designs to bring music to your ears.

However, there is much more to the sound process than a simple device to ear system; and much of this is a result of the magnetic wire coils in the headphones. The need for these high performing components is now greater than ever due to its importance in actually creating the sounds you hear at a much higher quality. 

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Although there are a few different kinds of headphone drivers, magnetic wire coils are leading components of the most commonly used type: dynamic driver headphones.

These are essentially the same transducer types you’d see in a large speaker system, but just in a smaller size. They’re also what converts the electrical signal into an acoustical signal to produce the sounds heard in the headphones.

How it Works

The dynamic driver works by using a coil of wire around a magnet that is attached to a plastic cone diaphragm. The alternating currents in the wiring, also known as the music, charge the coil and cause the magnet to move in and out of the coil pushing and pulling the cone-shaped diaphragm. 

Magnetic wire coils in headphones

The movement of the cone compresses and decompresses air radiating the sound waves heard through the headphones. The holes in the front of the earbuds then allow the sound waves to travel into the ear canal.

As a result, the speed of the diaphragm vibration and force of the sound waves determine the sound frequency and volume the eardrum detects.

These magnetic wire coil components are made small enough to be hidden behind a grille in earbuds and headphones, yet are still the root of such complex audio capabilities. This sort of electromagnetic relationship is one of the most effective ways to create sounds in earbuds, headphones, and speakers.

Dynamic drivers are extremely cost-effective as they do not require a lot of material — just a coil of wire and a plastic diaphragm in a magnet.

Dynamic driver headphones are also known for creating exceptional bass and world-class sound quality such as in popular headphones like ‘Beats’ and ‘Sennheiser,’ and continue to be modified in style and technology capabilities.

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Magnetic wire coils are not only a primary component in headphones and speakers, but also in inductors, transformers, motors, and electromagnetics. With years of expertise across a broad range of industries, Agile Magnetics can provide accurate design and custom manufacturing of top quality magnetic coils.

To discuss how we can help with your next magnetic wire coil project, contact the team at Agile today.

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