All Varieties of 3-Phase Transformers

Used extensively for power systems and many other applications, 3-Phase Transformers are in high demand. At Agile Magnetics, we have been fabricating custom transformers for more than 20 years; our team of engineers is prepared to design, develop, and manufacture three phase transformers for virtually any application.

3 Phase autotransformer

3 Phase Transformer

3 Phase in Enclosure

Designed for Maximum Efficiency

3-Phase Transformers are similar to using three sets of standard transformers. However, 3-Phase units are more efficient: they perform the same task with less weight, less material, and a more compact size. Operations can be more efficient as well; for example, 3-Phase units in motor applications are synchronized so that each phase turns the motor in one-third of the rotation, creating a more continuous movement.

Equipment Builders: Get the precise line voltage transformer you need

The Agile Advantage

Our custom 3-Phase Transformers are among our most popular products. At Agile Magnetics, our years of experience and high level of expertise makes us the perfect choice for custom transformer projects. There are numerous reasons that our services stand above the rest:

  • Many Standard Units Available — We start with multiple standardized 3-Phase units that are ready for use. Simple modifications can be made in very short turnaround times, including adjustments to lead wire lengths, connectors, and mounting configurations.
  • Special Custom Jobs — For customers who need unusual or otherwise non-standard designs, our engineers create a custom unit that fulfills their exact project specifications. These modifications can result in enhanced performance, lower operating costs, and increased lifespan.
  • Complete Assemblies — Our capabilities extend far beyond just transformer development. We also produce complete assemblies by adding all necessary additional parts and processes — we’re a one-stop shop for all varieties of magnetics projects.

Our 3-Phase solutions are available as Step-Up, Step-Down and Auto Transformers.

Contact us today to request a quote for your 3-Phase Transformer job. At our ISO 9001:2008 and AS9100 certified facility, we guarantee the highest levels of quality at every step of the process.