Air Core Inductors for High Frequency Operations

With over 20 years of experience in providing customers with the industry’s best coils, inductors, and transformers, our team at Agile Magnetics is well equipped to help you select the best Air Core Inductors for your job. At our 40,000 square foot home in Concord, New Hampshire, our engineers use a fleet of new equipment to design and manufacture the finest quality Air Core Inductors. We guarantee premium quality, ISO 9001-compliant results.

Air Core Coil

High Performance with Low Energy Losses

Air Core Inductors provide effective solutions for switch mode magnetic requirements — especially when focusing on high linearity, high frequency, and reduced core loss. In addition, these inductors are an ideal solution when space is not prohibitive. Air Core Inductors offer numerous advantages, including:

  • Saturation Free — Inductors with ferromagnetic cores tend to become saturated as current increases. Air Core models, however, have no core to saturate, and therefore are independent of electrical currents.
  • No Iron Losses — Without ferromagnetic cores, these inductors eliminate iron losses; as frequency increases, the cores offer better Q factor and lower distortion.
  • High Frequency Operation — Air Core operate at peak performance levels up to 1GHz.

Let Us Optimize Your High Frequency
Magnetics Design

Inductors for Multiple Applications

Air Core Inductors are essential for a variety of high-tech applications, such as:

  • Electronic products
  • Computer devices
  • Communication equipment
  • TVs
  • DVDs
  • Mobile Chargers

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Our products are of the highest quality, and are built to CUL, UL, VDE, and CE standards. To find out more about our premium quality Air Core Inductors, please request a quote.