Agile Magnetics Products: Surface Mount Fly-Back Transformers

Reliable, Repeatable, Controlled

Fly-Back Transformers are the ideal solution for lightweight, miniature, and electronic applications. Surface Mount Fly-Back Transformers are just one of the full range of Fly-Back designs at Agile Magnetics.

They can often be found in:

  • Medical devices and electronics
  • Aerospace and aviation instruments
  • Telecommunication power supplies and convertors
  • High performance power supply and conversion for industrial applications
  • Converter and inverter solutions in electrically unstable or harsh environments

Custom Surface Mount Fly-Back Transformers at Agile Magnetics

The team at Agile Magnetics offers precision manufacturing, innovative design, and premium sourcing for the most specialized magnetics solutions across industries. We offer custom work not only in transformers, but from prototype to production in coils, inductors, and more. We are ISO 9001 compliant, and our products can be manufactured to UL, CUL, VDE and CE, with UL and CUL markings when required.

To learn more about our transformers, or to request a quote, contact us.