3-Phase Isolation Transformer

High Quality and Performance

Customers from a wide array of industries rely on Agile Magnetics to deliver premium quality, custom transformers. Our custom 3-Phase Isolation Transformers are constructed with the highest levels of precision and deliver to top performance.

Our 3-Phase Isolation Transformers are often used in large control systems, for sensitive manufacturing equipment including machine tools and in any standard power-hungry systems that can be damaged by power spikes. 3-Phase Isolation Transformers use a wide variety of techniques to provide additional isolation and are used in the following fields where perfect performance of equipment is needed or mandated by standards for personnel safety:

  • Medical
  • Safety
  • Electronic networks
  • Scientific

We guarantee quality assurance with our ISO 9001 compliance and ability to manufacture to UL, CUL, VDE, and CE. To learn more about our custom 3-Phase Isolation Transformers, please contact us today.