3-Phase Converter Transformer

Agile Magnetics no longer designs and manufactures 3 Phase To Single Phase Converters.

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Agile Magnetics designs and manufactures Single-Phase Transformers, and 3-Phase Transformers. The change in the number of phases is done by a converter but oftentimes, they are described as transformers.

Used extensively for power systems and many other applications, 3-Phase Transformers are in high demand. At Agile Magnetics, we have been fabricating custom transformers for more than 20 years; our team of engineers is prepared to design, develop, and manufacture three phase transformers for virtually any application.

Standard Made-to-Order and Semi-Standard Units

Off the shelf units may not be the best bet if you have high-end equipment you are powering or if there are other considerations. Agile Magnetics can customize standard units for:

  • Lead wire lengths
  • Wire insulation specifications
  • A wide selection of connectors
  • Pad mount configurations
  • Wall mount configurations

All of Agile Magnetics’ transformers are computer modeled with proprietary software. The technicians at Agile Magnetics computer test 100% of the transformers we manufacture. Additionally, full lot data is supplied with each packing slip when requested. Our transformers can be built to UL / CUL / VDE and CE, with UL and CUL markings when required. Agile Magnetics is an ISO 9001 compliant manufacturer.