Agile Magnetics Products: Custom Current Limiting Reactors

Line Reactors enhance electrical system safety and efficiency by limiting and opposing rapid current changes; in connecting directly to electrical supplies, reactors ensure that all system currents are well-regulated.

Agile Magnetics’ Line Reactors provide maximum protection for sensitive equipment. For more than 20 years, our Agile Magnetics team has fulfilled customers’ exact specifications with single phase AC reactors, three-phase AC reactors, and other custom reactor and inductor styles.

Our three-phase reactors consist of three isolated inductors, each wired in series with a line phase. These three line phases not only work together to filter out current spikes, but also lower harmonic current that may enter power supplies.

Reactors are frequently used to limit current in an electrical system, including all types of motor-driven equipment — especially those that are vulnerable to high starting currents. Load reactors are available as well, providing excellent protection for motors and variable frequency drives (VFDs).

Choosing the Right Reactor

Picking out or specifying the correct design for an electrical Reactor can be challenging; the selection process involves a range of variables such as core sizes, BIL ratings, system voltage, and many others. To make the process easier, Agile Magnetics employs a team of experienced electrical design engineers to assist customers at every step, from the first phase of choosing a standard all the way to product development and full-scale production.

Equipped with a 40,000 square foot facility, we lead the industry in producing high quality goods. Everything we stock and produce is 100% ISO compliant, ensuring premium service and products at every step of the way. All standard and custom reactors we supply meet the highest standards of the industry, such as UL, CUL, VDE, and CE — with CUL and UL markings available when required.

While our current limiting reactors provide excellent performance and durability, they are just one part of our overall selection of magnetic products. For further information about our reactors or anything else we supply, contact us today.