High Frequency Coils

Agile Magnetics employs true professionals with solid experience in the design and manufacture of High Frequency Coils. We offer copper film wound, universal wound, and wire wound construction along with a wide range of inductance tolerances and values. Our High Frequency Coils are designed and manufactured to provide minimum loss.

The Industry’s Best Quality Assurance

Our goal at Agile Magnetics is to make your company’s components run as efficiently as possible. When your application has limited space availability, Agile Magnetics offers self-supporting coils that do not require a bobbin and increase magnetic capabilities. Our self-supporting coils are also manufactured with bondable magnet wire, or if required, coils can be varnish impregnated or encapsulated in various compounds.

Agile Magnetics also designs and manufactures Litz (short for Litzendraht) wire coils. Litz wire is made to counteract resistive effects from the skin effect in high frequency applications. Litz wire coils are constructed from many very fine, insulated strands of wire.

High Frequency Coils, self-supporting coils, and Litz wire coils can be designed and manufactured in many shapes and sizes to accommodate your company’s unique needs. Our staff designers and engineers work with your company’s team to develop the very best magnetic and power application solutions. We assure quality service during design concept, prototype development, manufacture, and on-time delivery. Our technicians’ computer test 100% of our manufactured items before we ship.

All the products manufactured by Agile Magnetics can be built to UL / CUL / VDE and CE, with UL and CUL markings if required. Agile Magnetics is an ISO 9001 compliant manufacturer. To find out more about our High Frequency Coils, contact us today.