Custom Inductor Coils for OEMs

As a global leader in custom original equipment manufacturer (OEM) magnetics, Agile Magnetics is proud to offer reliable solutions for a wide range of industries and applications. From high frequency transformers and inductors to value-added assemblies, our electromagnetics are designed for optimal longevity, reliability, and performance.

We achieve outstanding repeatability of manufacture for all of our products, each of which is subjected to stringent quality control tests before leaving our shop, and our 40,000-square-foot state-of-the-art facility is outfitted with the top-of-the-line, specialized equipment needed to create high-quality products, such as our versatile inductors, transformers, and custom magnetics coils.

Coils for High Frequency Magnetics

Available in both standard and custom models, our high frequency inductors can accommodate nearly any specification and inductance value. Among the most efficient on the market, these inductors allow for a significant reduction in power loss and serve as building blocks in a diverse range of applications, including radio frequency (RF) solutions, automotive components, DC/DC converters, battery-powered equipment, microwave products, and load testers. We offer various types of high frequency inductors — air core inductors, ferrite inductors, LLC chokes, and PFC chokes.

Our high frequency transformers, meanwhile, are designed to fit into the most compact applications, and offer the safest, most efficient delivery of high power — reducing the risk of hysteresis and skin effect losses. We provide fly-back bias, forward converter, gate drive, push-pull, resonant converter, high-voltage, universal winding, pulse, and isolation high frequency transformers. Common applications include personal electronics, PCs, solar converters, and energy conversion.

Agile is proud to offer film, wire, and universal-wound custom coils for high frequency inductors and transformers, with all coils designed to provide the lowest levels of loss possible. For applications involving small spaces, we can provide compact, self-supporting coils with enhanced magnetic capabilities. We also supply Litz wire coils, made from many fine, insulated strands. Our team can handle all inductance tolerances and values.

Air Core Coils

Our air core inductors provide high performance with minimal energy loss. Providing reliable solutions for switch-mode magnetic applications — especially when requiring high linearity, high frequency, and low. Also, these unique inductors have no ferromagnetic core, meaning they are saturation-free and experience no iron losses. They operate at peak performance levels up to 1 GHz. Common applications include TVs, DVDs, computer devices, electronic products, and mobile chargers.

Air core coils help minimize the effects of distortion while still ensuring high performance, while the distinctive design allows for optimal efficiency, excellent power handling, Q factors up to 190, and, as mentioned earlier, no core saturation. These key advantages make air core coils ideal for various applications in the aerospace and military industries, as well as radio transmitter and audio applications.

Ferrite Core Inductor Coils

Agile’s ferrite core inductors are ideal for high frequency applications. Featuring ferrite cores comprised of ceramic magnetic materials, ferric oxide, and a combination of zinc, manganese, and nickel, these models can be customized to client’s exact needs. Allowing for maximum efficiency with low core losses, ferrite core inductors are available with a wide range of core types; Agile can manufacture these inductors with EE, UU, RM, pot, EP, EFD, U, UI, toroid, EPC, PQ, and ring cores.

Our custom ferrite core coils are available in almost any size to fit specific project needs. Ferrite core coils can offer the same magnetic flux as air core coils but feature a much smaller, compact design, making them an efficient and economical alternative in settings with limited space. These coils also have low stray magnetic fields, which can greatly reduce the risk of interference with nearby power. Ferrite core inductors are used in many everyday applications, including power supplies, TVs, radar, transformers, and radios.

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To learn more about our custom magnetics coils, inductors, and transformers and discuss how we can help with your specific magnetics needs, request a design consultation today. Our experts are on hand to answer any questions you may have.

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